I saw Sunday in the Park with George yesterday- it was amazing! Everything was student-run by very talented people.  My dad commented on how difficult the music and effects were, and I said I would expect no less from a Sondheim show! They had these cool white panels as the background with projections on them (similar to those in The Little Prince) with this Georges Seurat painting; sometimes the characters would fill in the people and just the background would be there.  And there were animations too!  Of course, the music was incredible- the lyrics made you look deeper than the actual painting and think about people, and the music worked perfectly with each idea and action on stage.
We had a little Reading reunion in the center section of the audience- with the Mauriellos, Beckmans, and O’Sullivans.
The song we sang in Singers last year, Sunday, was so pretty to hear- and I understood the context much better this time around!